The Team

Directors & Management

Our management team and advisors bring years of experience in the fields of corporate finance, engineering, accounting and law. The team’s diverse skills are geared towards driving value for our investors.

Jan Lindholm, Group CEO and Founder

Mr Lindholm was educated at Stockholm University and has a degree in both Economics, Accounting and Finance. He spent five years at Ericsson, the Swedish multinational telecom company where he worked as an Accounting and Finance manager at the Network Services Division, leaving to join EDS, the American IT company as a Senior Financial Analyst. Five years later Mr Lindholm set up his first business in e-learning and e-publishing. He eventually sold the company to one of the largest publishing groups in Europe. He brings an understanding of international business and an understanding of the Nordic market together with a hands-on experience of executing rapid and profitable growth through an acquisition strategy.

Michael C. Los, Director

Mr Los started his career over 25 years ago in the City of London and subsequently has been involved in a consultancy, advisory and brokerage roles in over USD500m transactions relating to maritime industry, oil and gas sectors, utility companies, real estate, financial services, restructuring and public markets. He is currently a consultant for a family office and is responsible for asset allocation in various classes.

Alex Upton, Company Secretary

With an in-depth knowledge of technical and fundamental analysis of global markets, holding an Advanced Diploma in Financial Trading from Divento Financial Academy in London, Mr Upton brings with him a significant understanding of economic indicators and market drivers, Mr Upton has held directorships and advisory roles in companies from various sectors, from construction and automotive to financial administration.